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About Us

Enabling food to be delivered the way it’s supposed to be – fresh, hot and satisfying.

Who we are

In a world where convenience is an expectation – food delivery isn’t always as seamless as it should be. For building managers, excessive footfall can lead to security risks and tenant complaints. And for residents, cold or lost food is a constant.


We are a business providing secure, efficient and convenient thermal food lockers to keep food deliveries fresh and safe.


Our product has been designed with convenience and safety in mind. We understand the logistical challenges associated with food delivery – for both building managers and tenants.

What we do

We help building managers and owners corporations minimise the amount of footfall buildings experience by installing a dedicated, central thermal locker system to leave food orders.


We also reduce the overall potential for security risks associated with food delivery – including lost or stolen food, and unsupervised access. This improves tenant satisfaction and helps cut down complaints associated with excessive traffic. And it streamlines building management processes, ensuring concierge, reception and security staff can be used more efficiently.

Our story

Find out more about how Foodifox started

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