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Foodifox news

Case Study: Foodifox brings harmony to food delivery chaos in Melbourne high-rise residential building

Swanston Central receives upwards of 1500 resident food delivery orders through its doors a week find out how they are streamlining their deliveries.

We're in the news - Facilities Management

Forever committed to solving food delivery woes, Foodifox is thrilled to expand its presence into the educational sector.

New location - The Switch

With advanced technology to manage the whole living experience it was a natural fit for Foodifox to install lockers.

We're now at Scape Student Living

We're pleased to announce that we have a new site launching at Scape Student Living.

Foodifox in Chinese media.

Do you read Chinese and want to learn more about Foodifox?

A new way to stop your food delivery order getting cold – or pinched

Foodifox has been in the news!

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