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Lockers designed for food, by foodies.

In a world where food delivery has become a necessity, delivery is not always seamless or convenient – for every link in the chain.

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Find out how easy it is to get Foodifox lockers.

Over 75% of Aussies want thermal lockers in their building



The Foodifox benefit

  • Ability to decrease foot traffic throughout a building complex.

  • Increases tenant and staff satisfaction due to food being kept hot and fresh.

  • ZERO cost upkeep (lockers are maintained by Foodifox).

  • Convenient and centralised locker system for food delivery.

  • Enables building staff, such as a concierge, to be used more efficiently.

  • Secure space that minimises security risks associated with third-party access for food delivery.

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How Foodifox works in four easy steps:

Increase tenant satisfaction.

Streamline food delivery, with no ongoing maintenance fees 

What some of our clients say

“We chose Foodifox because of the  convenience and affordability for staff. Our office is at least a 10-15min walk from any shops or restaurants, and although there is an in-house café down stairs the Foodifox lunches are much better quality and value.”


“The convenience of having it all right there in the building and ordering via the app was really appealing. Also, the fixed menu is a great feature as it plays perfectly into the concept of the “paradox of choice”, by which it’s statistically much less likely to be disappointed by a choice or get food envy.”     

Nova Institute

“Foodifox was a very affordable solution for those not wanting to venture out. The daily menu is also much healthier and a cheaper alternative to anything else we access to. With no cost for installation, there was nothing to lose and so much to gain.” 


Some of our locations

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