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About us

Enabling food to be delivered the way it’s supposed to be.

In 2019, three close friends in Melbourne had an ambitious idea to develop a food locker system and share their love of food using innovative technology – heated, thermal food lockers. Helping fulfil the company's promise of food delivered the way it’s supposed to be eaten.

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Learn how Foodifox can solve your food delivery issues.

Increase satisfaction

Over 75% of Aussies want thermal lockers in their building.

Thermal food lockers benefits

State-of-the-art storage solution designed to revolutionise food delivery in multi-residential apartments, corporate offices, hospitals, and educational institutions.

  • Neat and centralised locker system for food delivery.

    Enable your staff to operate more efficiently.

    Lockers are supported & maintained by Foodifox.

  • No more lost or stolen food.

    Meals are kept warm and as intended.

    Meals are available when needed and when you're ready.

  • Creates a better staff experience.

    Access to promotions, weekly specials and discounts via the Foodifox app.

    Meals are kept warm and ready when needed.

  • Create a better student experience

    Caterers can serve meals as intended and when required.

    Food is kept secure, warm and safe.

Our partners

Working with businesses, educational institutions and residential complexes.

Thermal food locker

Eliminate the challenges associated with the evolution of the food delivery industry.

Our lockers are designed and built to our high standards - not just for aesthetic benefit but functional ease of use for an end-user, delivery driver or back-end administration


Reduce food theft and increase tenant satisfaction

Our hardware and software platform offers a secure and efficient delivery system to give people the comfort that food deliveries are safe in any building and any location.

Workplace lunch

An integrated employee benefit with their time and convenience as your priority

With Foodifox, your team can order their lunch via our app and have it delivered to your location anywhere across metro Melbourne where it will be stored in our thermal locker at the perfect temperature ready for them to collect.


Streamline the dining experience with thermal food lockers

Our SELF-SERVE system is designed to provide your customers with hot and secure meals when they want them, even if they are unable to attend at regular meal times.

Learn how Foodifox can solve your food delivery issues.