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We will be in touch to discuss a solution for your building.

Your Advantages from Our Solution

  • More flexible pick-up times.

  • Contactless pick-up.

  • Individual meal storage.

  • Thermal heating for cooked product.

  • Convenience.


  • Multiple delivery to singe location.

  • Easy access to delivery point

  • 60sec delivery turnaround

  • Manageable delivery schedules

  • ZERO customer interaction pressure.

  • Reduce peak-time crowding

  • Clean and tidy discrete delivery drop-off

  • Single to multiple supplier efficiency

  • Data insights on traffic and engagement

  • Employee, resident or student satisfaction increase

  • Improve operating efficiency

  • Reduce delivery delays

  • Improve product quality and margins

  • Obtain market insights

  • Digital native solution

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Affordability and Convenience

Contactless and Convenient


Social and Environmental Responsiblity

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