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Foodifox offers the most innovative and reliable solution to the food delivery & e-grocery market to serve any customers needs.

A Solution for Any Location

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From business leaders to team members in any operation, access to daily lunch can be a grind. Foodifox solves this problem with our App & locker solution. The days of limited choice, no time and cold food are gone once the Foodifox app is downloaded, and locker is deployed. Whether it be a single tenanted building, a multi-story office tower, co-work space or industrial estate – we have the solution.

When it comes to time management for faculty and students’ food access is always important for the energy to power through the day and important cognitive function. Foodifox app & lockers in tertiary and secondary locations ensures food can be delivered securely and conveniently and the user can pick-up in their time without concerns of closed canteens or unscheduled delays. For parents the visibility of knowing their child has eaten a healthy meal puts pay to concerns that lunch money has been wasted or lost.

As food delivery demand increases delivery traffic in and out of multi tenanted residential buildings creates security risks, concierge clutter, footpath congestion and consumer frustration with lost orders and delay building access. Foodifox lockers integrated with 3rd party delivery platforms solves this issue for everyone in the value-chain. A single discrete locker in a lobby or convenient access point works for everyone. 

Our contactless locker solution is perfect for the Healthcare sectors workforce who need food at their convenience without being at the mercy of closed cafes or canteens or food delivery services they cannot enter their workplace. The Foodifox app offers everyone a convenient lunch solution via the locker or the perfect pick-up point for those on late shift who have ordered in and want surety of delivery and a warm meal.

Foodifox understands food, it’s in our name. We work with a variety of food producers to supply a daily lunch to our locker network, but we also offer lockers in restaurant and cafes. We help manage production volumes for you by letting you produce earlier for your customer and placing in the locker for them to pick up at their convenience. This approach ensures they get a better experience and you streamline and speed up front of house for all other daily customers.

Your Advantages from Our Solution

  • More flexible pick-up times.

  • Contactless pick-up.

  • Individual meal storage.

  • Thermal heating for cooked product.

  • Convenience.


  • Multiple delivery to singe location.

  • Easy access to delivery point

  • 60sec delivery turnaround

  • Manageable delivery schedules

  • ZERO customer interaction pressure.

  • Reduce peak-time crowding

  • Clean and tidy discrete delivery drop-off

  • Single to multiple supplier efficiency

  • Data insights on traffic and engagement

  • Employee, resident or student satisfaction increase

  • Improve operating efficiency

  • Reduce delivery delays

  • Improve product quality and margins

  • Obtain market insights

  • Digital native solution

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Affordability and Convenience

Contactless and Convenient


Social and Environmental Responsiblity

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