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Improve student experience with hot meals, securely available when they want them!

Enabling food to be delivered the way it's supposed to be eaten - fresh, hot and satisfying.

Neat and centralised locker system for food delivery.

Meals are kept warm and secure.

No more lost or stolen food.

Increased meal availabilty.

People sharing food at a table

Planning for the future of food delivery.

Being a student is a 24/7 job and sometimes life gets in the way of regular dining hours. Foodifox helps students access food outside of core dining times.

Ensure the student experience is consistent regardless of when they eat their meal by offering Foodifox thermal lockers and the SELF-SERVE
management system.

Our SELF-SERVE system is designed to provide students with hot and secure meals when they want them, even if they are unable to attend the dining hall.

Controlled from a central dashboard you can monitor lockers across the whole campus.

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