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How it works

Enabling food to be delivered the way it's supposed to be - fresh, hot and satisfying

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Foodifox is a state-of-the-art storage solution designed to revolutionise food delivery in multi-residential apartments, corporate offices, hospitals, and educational institutions. At its core, Foodifox helps to mitigate the myriad of challenges associated with the evolution of the food delivery industry.

  • We offer a secure, convenient, and efficient way to give people access to more food options and manage food deliveries in any building and location.

  • We also improve the overall delivery experience and streamline the process for food providers, third-party apps, site owners and end-customers.


It's win-win for everyone.


Find out how simple it is to get lockers installed



It is less than you think! Unlike other companies we don't charge hardware costs


Food deliveries

It only takes four steps for residents or tennants to enjoy tasty, fresh food at their convenience.

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