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Our story

Lockers designed for food, by foodies.

Who we are

In 2019, three close friends in Melbourne had an ambitious idea to develop a food locker system and share their love of food using innovative technology – heated, thermal food lockers. Helping fulfil the companies promise of food delivered the way it’s supposed to be eaten.


With a passion for sharing food, they built a cloud kitchen and a prototype display suite in the heart of Melbourne to demonstrate the newly developed thermal food lockers, a concept that had not been seen in Australia. They worked to make this concept a reality, and with the help of a new investor, who joined the company in 2020, they were able to shift their focus towards the B2B technology space.

This growth in the company brought expertise in technology to the table, and the team worked on developing partnerships with third-party food delivery platforms to scale the growth of Foodifox. This has provided thousands of customers across Melbourne access to hot, fresh food delivered the way it’s supposed to be eaten at a time that is convenient.

In addition to providing access to third-party platforms Foodifox continues to provide a curated lunch menu for offices around Melbourne. With a focus on delivering value for money Foodifox delivers some of the best lunch dishes from around Melbourne, all with no delivery fees! From Bahn Mi to Butter Chicken Foodifox has a selection of all of your lunch time favourites.

With the unique locker technology and a supporting technology platform at its core, Foodifox continues to pivot and grow as a company. Through the use of technology Foodifox is connecting food providers, delivery platform and end users to help achieve the companies purpose of ensuring everyone can experience the joy of a fresh, hot and satisfying meal!

Find out how easy it is to get Foodifox lockers.

Over 75% of Aussies want thermal lockers in their building

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