Foodifox embraces advanced technology systems to create an unparalleled, contactless and convenient food delivery framework.

We collaborate with passionate cooks and transform their unique recipes into fresh meals available to enjoy via our state-of-the-art Foodifox app and thermal locker.

Our Recipes

We invite individuals from the community to share their special recipes with us.


Recipes are so culturally significant and that’s why we’re always on the hunt to find people who are willing to share their special recipes for the wider community to enjoy.

Foodifox Kitchen

Our Foodifox flame collaborate with our in-house chefs to recreate their recipes.


This is where the magic happens. We welcome our recipe providers, known as Foodifox Flames, into our kitchens to collaborate with our in-house chefs. Our team then recreates these special meals to make them available to our customers.

Foodifox App

Order one great meal daily for just $11, only via the Foodifox app.


By offering one new and exciting meal every day, all of our efforts can go into making sure it’s a perfect dish! We leverage economies of scale to ensure high quality, and that’s why our meals are only $11. Simply order the daily meat or vegetarian option by 10am.

Foodifox Pick Up Points

Find your nearest pick up location around Melbourne.


This is where the fun starts. Unlike food delivery apps, we don’t deliver to consumers’ doors. Instead, we deliver to a range of convenient pick up points around Melbourne.

Foodifox Locker

Collect your lunch via a contactless and convenient thermal locker service.


Our meals are delivered and stored in thermal lockers where the temperature is adjustable and food hygiene and freshness is assured. Scan the QR code via the app to open the locker and take your meal at a time convenient to you.

Foodifox Premium

A number of exclusive services available to create memorable culinary experiences.


Contact us today to learn more about our event catering, VIP meal kits and private dining options.